Towards a low emissions future

Natural refrigerants working group meet 11 December 2018

Interested parties are invited to join a working group that has been (re)established by Refrigerants Australia to examine policy barriers and technical challenges associated with natural refrigerants.  Louise McCann from A-Gas will be the chair.

The  meeting will be 11 December at the Qantas Meeting Rooms at Melbourne Airport from 12:30 to 4:00 (with a working lunch).

Please feel free to make suggestions regarding the agenda.  The focus of the first meeting will be to set out a forward agenda overall and commence specific issues around carbon dioxide.  

Carbon dioxide has been chosen as the first topic based on industry interest in the low global warming potential of this refrigerant, however challenges around equipment and supply do exist. From there the group will agree on future products and issues to discuss at future meetings. 

Prior to the meeting further communication will be sent out to get some background information on issues that could be addressed at the meeting.  This will happen during November.

If there is somebody you think should be invited please email (see email form under contacts). 

Any new participant should be aware that RA does not support any retrofit of refrigerant if it is not approved by the original equipment manufacturer. 

This meeting is not intended to engage in this debate. There are other venues for those individuals and companies that support that market segment.


1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Trade Practices Statement
3. Refrigerants Australia’s principles (paper)
4. Approach to Natural Refrigerant Working Group – setting a forward agenda (paper)
5. Brainstorming session on issues related to carbon dioxide and development of a draft work plan (paper)
6. Next meeting (proposed first week of March with focus on ammonia)
7. Other business
8. Meeting closes

GREG PICKER          
Executive Director