Towards a low emissions future


The achievements of Refrigerants Australia, as well as the tireless work of its founding executive director, Steve Anderson, have been recognised by the Australian and US Governments, as well as by the United Nations.

Australian Government - Montreal Protocol 25th anniversary (2012) - Recognition of Australian contributions, (Steve Anderson): “For his leadership of Australian industry to phase-out the consumption of ozone depleting substances in advance of Montreal Protocol obligations, and for his initiative in establishing an Australian product stewardship scheme for refrigerants to reduce emissions.” 

United Nations - Ozone Secretariat 20th anniversary ozone protection awards (2007): To Refrigerant Reclaim Australia, the industry-funded environmental trust that was established to recover, reclaim and destroy ozone-depleting refrigerants. 

US EPA Stratospheric Ozone Protection Awards to recognise exceptional leadership, personal dedication, and technical achievements in protecting the Earth’s stratospheric ozone layer.

  • 1996 Awarded to the Association of Fluorocarbon Consumers and Manufacturers of Australia (Refrigerants Australia’s original name)  
  • 1995 Refrigerant Reclaim Australia

Refrigerant Reclaim Australia General Manager Michael Bennett (right) receives the US EPA Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award

Foundation Executive Director of Refrigerants Australia, Steve Anderson