Towards a low emissions future


Refrigerants Australia, since it was formed in 1987, has taken a leading role in the Australian endeavours to limit the environmental damage caused by refrigerants that were greenhouse gases, or ozone destroyers.

The membership is a cross-section of industry leaders:

  • Importers of 90%+ of all bulk refrigerants
  • Importers and manufacturers of bulk equipment supplying 80%+ of air conditioners sold in Australia and a sizeable percentage of refrigeration kits, represented through the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers Association (AREMA)
  • Refrigerant wholesalers and the Australian Refrigerant Wholesalers Association providing refrigerant and parts
  • Contractor organisations, including Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association (AMCA), Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (RACCA) and Automotive Air Conditioning, Electrical and Cooling Technicians of Australasia (VASA), representing hundreds of companies, contractors and tradespeople across the country
  • Refrigerant Reclaim Australia, an award winning industry-led and funded program that collects and destroys old refrigerant.

 The members of Refrigerants Australia supply:

  • More than 95% of refrigerants in Australia
  • Up to 90% of natural refrigerants, carbon dioxide and ammonia
  • About 35% of hydrocarbon refrigerants that are sold exclusively to original equipment manufacturers.