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Cold Hard Facts 2019 brings refrigerant usage up to date

23 October 2019
Cold Hard Facts 2019 is the 4th edition in the Cold Hard Facts series that began in 2006. Cold Hard Facts 2019 updates the findings of Cold Hard Facts 3 by incorporating industry data from 2017 and 2018. The Cold Hard Fact series is underpinned by a techno-economic model of the refrigeration and air conditioning sector that has been developed over the course of completing dozens of research projects into the sector. The primary output of this model is to track changes in the make-up of the working bank of refrigerants in Australia, and to report mass flows of refrigerants through their life cycle from import, to utilisation, to disposal and destruction or loss to atmosphere. This work supports Australia in meeting its international commitments under the Montreal Protocol to phase out ozone depleting substances, and to phase down HFCs.