Towards a low emissions future

Amendments to the Ozone legislation presented to Australian parliament

The Australian government presented a range of amendments to the Ozone legislation into Parliament on 2 December 2021. These changes – all minor – are the final changes proposed in 2017. 

Key provisions are:

1.   Provide a regulation making power to cover/require product stewardship as the current approach relies on license conditions only, and does not give the Government any means to support RRA if needed.
2.   Includes a reference to the Paris Agreement.
3.   Make the legislation consistent with the Regulatory Powers (Standard Provisions) Act 2014 - implemented to adopt standardised Commonwealth regulatory powers and best practice regulation;
4.   improve the compliance and enforcement framework by:

5.   Streamline and improve the import and manufacture licensing scheme by:

6.   Limit the circumstances in which the Minister can grant an equipment licence for the import or manufacture of ODS (ozone depleting substance) equipment
7.   Expand the essential uses licensing scheme;
8.   Expand the purposes of the Ozone Protection and SGG Account to allow for the refund and remission of application fees;
9.   Streamline and reduce the complexity of the Act while ensuring the standard of environmental and human health protection remains high
10. Change the means by which levies are set (currently in legislation, but would change to regulation).